• First half hour meeting to talk about your ethical core is Free

  • Our usual hourly rate is $75 for consultancy work

Project rates that come out of the initial core values assessment are variable depending on the size of the project and will be priced in agreement between Thankful Gleaner and our clients, structured based on an assessment of value to the client and Gleaner's deliverables.
  • Core Values Alignment Assessment and business practice evaluation of existing company core value implementation: hourly rate $60

  • Corporate Chaplaincy two hour rate is $100.

Depending on the size of your employee work force and regularity of service delivery we can price on a project basis, with more favorable rates for longer term retainers
  • Conflict Mediation: half day rate $400

  • More Space to Think: half day rates start at $350 for a group of three. 

For larger groups include an additional $50 per additional participant. We can also offer longer workshops.