The following are our Primary Offerings that show our process.


  • Introductory Conversation: Initial conversation to explore core values.

  • Core Values Discernment:  Based on subsequent conversations between Gleaner and the business leader, we provide a write up of core values and proceed to proposals.

  • Identifying problems: We write a proposal based on previous conversations.

  • Solutions: Gleaner researches and identifies creative solutions to business leader's problem, or provides solutions to help better align the business leader's ethical core with their business's core values. 

  • Results: Provide one, or a selection of solutions, with an outline of steps towards implementation in a document for in-house use. These solutions will include best practice based on current market trends. However, from time to time our creative process might offer you a unique selling point. Where appropriate we will conduct due diligence in relation to the solution.

  • Core Values Audit: How is your business doing in relation to your core values? Based on previously articulated core values, we interview team members, look over business plans, strategic documents and other information and provide an evaluation of how your business is doing in relation to previously stated core values and goals. 

  • Setting Goals: We help business leaders think through (and identify metrics) for how they might measure whether or not they are having an impact through their business in the community.

  • Follow up: Gleaner will offer follow up conversations to see how things are going and how the business leader feels about the business in relation to their core values. 

  • Cultural Consultancy: Since our experience includes significant time understanding (and living within) various different cultures, we can help our clients with international business partners, perhaps even developing new business relationships, primarily in Central Europe and the UK.