With close to a decade in public policy shaping, Lauri made a pivot to help business owners and founders make the world a better place.


Lauri Moyle started Thankful Gleaner as a social enterprise to use the profit of his work to engage the community as a community chaplain, helping bridge the gap between the two Chattanoogas. One rich and well connected, the other poor and in need of connection. This includes chaplaincy at the Community Kitchen, as a tutor at a local high school, and as a mentor and connector among the African American and Latino community. This is how he makes his business more fruitful.

Lauri has extensive experience in conducting research and strategic analysis which led to briefings and creative solutions that make a better world through the sphere of politics and business. He worked on two solutions that have been adopted by the UK Government. These are currently being implemented.

During his time in the political sphere he gave expert evidence to Parliamentary Committees and negotiated with Government Ministers on five different occasions, successfully extracting policy shifts towards the goals his coalition had set out to win.

His business case studies are available on request.

Lauri has multi-national, multi-cultural experience, having lived on three continents and worked in Brussels and London for Members of Parliament at the EU and at Westminster. He holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Philosophy with significant amounts of coursework in community development from Covenant College and an MA in Theology, Politics and Faith Based Organizations from Kings College London. Lauri also partners with a number of consultants who add various additional skills for in-house support as needed by his clients.

In his work as a Community Chaplain in Chattanooga he sits on a variety of non-profit boards and on the board of a local Chattanooga Chamber council.

He was also appointed to the City of Chattanooga's board for the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Lauri believes that business can shape the world faster and more thoroughly for the common good than any other sphere. He has met, learned and worked with founders in various stages of business maturity.