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Thankful Gleaner brought clarity to complicated issues and the work done in those sessions has led to hours of follow-up conversations for the young men and women in the Fellows program. I cannot recommend the work of Thankful Gleaner enough. We will definitely be working with them more in the future.
— Jonathan Ingraham, Director of the Chattanooga Fellows program

Thankful Gleaner is a consultancy that helps business leaders better align their ethical core with their business practices and product development. 

We are all about life-giving ideas for loving your neighbors through successful and fruitful business.


What is Gleaning?

The principle of gleaning comes from ancient agrarian times. It was the principle method of providing a safety net for those who fell on hard times. At the core of the principle of gleaning is that the gleaner is able to feed himself and his family through work. By not harvesting 100% of the fruits of the field and gardens, but rather letting some fall by the way, the land owner provided a means for the gleaner to sustain his family. Through the work of picking the gleaner could gather what was left for her own needs. The rest remained on the land to feed the soil.

Power dynamics

Why is gleaning such a valuable principle? At the heart of the principle of gleaning is an assumption. That assumption is that power can corrupt and distort human nature. Under the principles of gleaning the state does not dominate the land owner by imposing taxation and redistribution. In turn, the land owner does not dominate his fellow citizens by forcing those who have nothing into indentured servitude or slavery. But equally, the gleaner is dignified, empowered even, by the work he must engage in to feed his family. What was left over helped sustain the lifecycle of the field and gardens, the life of the land.

New Solutions using old Principles

Thankful Gleaner creates solutions for any business owner who wants to implement principles of gleaning for a 21st century world. What do you have which you can leave around that others can pick up with real labor? Perhaps it's something as simple as setting aside time for business mentoring, or an internship designed to help diversify your team. Perhaps it's something more complicated, like changing your employee practices to suit the flexible needs of working single mothers, the disabled or the underemployed? Perhaps it has to do with coming up with a solution that helps your clients better understand how your product influences their grieving process. Perhaps you want to champion the displaced and refugees? Maybe you do this by educating your clients through your product.

To be more fruitful is to be intentional about your ethical core and your business. In one ancient story, Boaz, the land owner, watched his field. Like any good business manager he wanted to see what was going on. He wanted to understand his labor force. He also saw his neighbor gleaning. He took an interest in Ruth. He chose her. He was generous to her beyond what the principles of gleaning dictated. He told his employees to drop some of their harvest as they went along, giving Ruth more. He went beyond what was required by the law to intentionally administer grace out of his abundance. 


Learn More About Our Process 

Our initial offering is a series of introductory half hour to an hour long conversations with you, the founder or business leader, for Gleaner to listen and help you put into words what your ethical core is. Our subsequent and main offering is to use the principle of gleaning translated into the 21st century, to help you express your ethical core through your business for the benefit of the community. We offer solid solutions to business problems.

We also offer corporate chaplaincy for your staff, conflict mediation for leadership teams, and a tool called Space to Think, which allows fruitful idea exchange, planning and problem solving in a non-traditional way.




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